Crispy Soybean Rolls

Soybean Rolls are available in 3 flavors: Original Soybean Rolls, Seaweed Soybean Rolls, Sesame Soybean Rolls.

Ready to eat in just 3 seconds

Soybean Rolls offers you a different kind of enjoyment. With its crispy exterior immersed in broth, it melts in your mouth instantly.

Fried Bean Curd Sheet

Delight in the crispiness of Fried Bean Curd Sheet.
No Preservatives, No Trans Fat, No Cholesterol.

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Latest Soybean Products

Dried Bean Curd, Fried Bean Curd, Skin Bean Curd, Frozen Bean Curd, we offer you a great tasting experience !!

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Lian Taat Food

Lian Taat Food Sdn Bhd is one of the leading soybean related food manufacturers in Southern Region of Malaysia. Our products include dried bean curd sticks, dried bean curd sheets, fried curd, dried bean curd skin and many other varieties of soybean nutritious foods.

Our products have been exported to countries such as China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and Taiwan.

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Lian Taat Food Takes to
International Export Contract

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Crispy Soybean Rolls

When enjoying hot pot, paired with WonderBean – Soybean Rolls, it will definitely bring endless satisfaction to your taste buds. The crispy outer shell of Soybean Rolls, when dipped into the hot pot, takes just 3 seconds to absorb the delicious broth, transforming from crispy to tender and juicy. Choose WonderBean – Soybean Rolls to add a unique and delightful flavor to your hot pot experience.

Soybean Rolls are available in three flavors:

Whether soaked in the soup base or tasted directly, Soybean Rolls offer a unique texture and delightful taste experience.


Ingredients of
Good Food Business

The key benefits of soybeans are its vitamins, minerals, protein and insoluble fibre. The high fibre content makes it so good in cases of constipation, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. As a source of protein, soybeans are regarded as equal to meats and its protein isolates has been deemed to lower cholesterol levels, too.

Canadian farmers have grown soybeans for more than 70 years and have earned a global reputation for providing the highest quality non-GMO soybeans. Its production is a reliable supply, yet flexible enough to meet specialized requirements of niche markets, which Lian Taat Food is one. Their soybeans can be blended to customers’ specifications, or have contracts for specific varieties produce. Quality is monitored by the Canadian industry to ensure the quality and composition of their beans. Soybeans skin made by Lian Taat Food with only soybeans as ingredient is a popular snack food in Asia cuisine.

No Preservatives

The soybean products without any preservatives.

No Tran Fat

The soybean products are free from trans fats.

No Cholesterol

The soybean products have zero cholesterol.

- Lian Taat -

Fried Bean Curd Series


Delicious Recipes

Explore our WonderBean soy-based products,
a wide range of delicious recipes, and create a variety of
tasty and mouthwatering dishes.

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