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About Us

Lian Taat Food Sdn Bhd is one of the leading soybean related food manufacturers in Southern Region of Malaysia. Our products include dried bean curd sticks, dried bean curd sheets, fried curd, dried bean curd skin and many other varieties of soybean nutritious foods.

The company ( previously named Lian Taat Trading ) started December 2000 with very scale, traditional and family type of operations that only sufficient to supply to local markets. However, throughout these years, the company’s performance has gradually increased where the products have been exported to China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and Taiwan. Due to the increasing demand, the company started to recruit more man power and equipped with advance technology to boost productions and meet the demands from customers.

VISIONAn ever progressive soybean products manufacturer in the international market with a caring difference.
MISSIONTo create great tasting, healthier soybean skins and products based on natural resources and GMO-free beans with our 5 core values manufacturing motto.

Our Vision

Today, the company has able to run the operations semi-automatically and operate 24 hours with strict quality control in every process of productions. In order to stay competitive, the company has also established different specialized teams to improve quality, training as well as research and develop new products.

Lian Taat Food Sdn Bhd will continue to be the pace in soybean food products manufacturer by being innovative and continue learning in the food industry. We aimed to maintain the traditional taste with advanced technologies to increase productions with managed quality as well as developing more new soybean products that to be introduced into the market.

We hereby take this opportunity to really offer our sincere appreciation and thankfulness to all the customers, suppliers and all the stakeholders of the company for their supports over the years.

By your continuous supports, the company is confident and determined to expand our products to even more nations and continents like Europe, America, Middle East, Japan and others, in the next five years.

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Production Process

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Tiny Yellow Beans Spread
a Wide Soy Bean Skin

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Our Successful Milestone


Saw our business setting into a private and limited company from a sole proprietary enterprise. A move which helped us focus into more important business development and growth matters 


Isolated our  manufacturing processes into sequential sectors away from tradition  production schedule. This change improved the cleanliness of the whole production and speed up food processing delivery dates.


Later in the year, mechanised production flow with Taiwanese  semi-automatic food processing machineries. The enhanced production flow was able to increase process capacity thus increased production capacity to tap into a bigger market.


Utilised a fully automated process factory wide with Japan bean production process technology. An increase in production lines helped cope up with regional sales.


Implemented regional business and sales in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Taiwan since inception. This opportunity provided us the much need volume and lines production process experience for further expansion in our category.


Invested into a new 7.5 acres food process facility to support international sales and contracts. A fresh and strategic commitment which is deemed a vital addition in our future vision and business development.

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Chairman & Founder

All human activities mimic life and food processing is no exception. At Lian Taat Food, we believe it is a cycle of sincerity, responsibility, initiative, gratitude and altruistic. Conscientiously implementing these values corporate wide, we are able to achieve a manufacturing status which is efficient and safe.

Sincerity is the basis of any meaningful process what more of food processing with its direct impact upon consumers. Sincerity builds self-confidence and when workers are sincere in their efforts, they will develop into responsible staff, who can work with little supervision.

Responsibility in turn will motivate all to have initiative. In food processing, when initiative workers are about there will be reduction in errors and smooth operation is ensured, with this platform the company can advance and scale new heights. Bearing in mind that mass production of food will be more meaningful, when we are aware that gratitude in business will create a humility mindset and one way to repay society is to make good contribution to society. An altruistic act which will prompt the human touch in food business.

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5 Core Values

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And The Future Is Here...

In line with Lian Taat Food’s vision to produce quality soybean skin to the international markets, we have acquire another, modern food processing facility in Batu Pahat, Malaysia. Measuring some 7.5 acres with full amenities and a supply of natural spring water, we believe our capacity for step up orders and in tandem with international deliveries is here.

Our new milestone is set to bring us increased in production capacity with strategic location for logistics and transport, utilization of advanced soybean food processing technologies and the need for bottom-line efficiencies in foreign contract food production. In view of these, our facility has flexibilty in shorter runs of multi-food genre process or high throughput in single item in order to fulfil our intense commitment.

We take our food role seriously and will be actively marketing in international market fairs. Our new facility will ensure that we consistently deliver quality and reliable foods which meet the needs of our consumers worldwide. It will also ensure that we embark on our soybean foods innovations and bring forth more variations and choices in this niche segment that is our industry and your business.

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Our Products

The Best Soybean product in malaysia.

WonrderBean - To serve with soup based food

WonderBean - Ring Roll

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